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About Us

The founder of the Practice is Amy Rusby, who is herself an extremely skilled neurological physiotherapist with many years of experience. She is the Managing Director and her time is spent managing the Practice, the Team and their patients as well as working continuously to expand the Practice and maintain a clinical caseload as well.

Amy is predominantly Bobath trained, having completed multiple Advanced Bobath Courses, Advanced Bobath Workshops and spent time working alongside one of the Senior Bobath tutors.

She has also attended lectures run by Carr and Shepherd who practice another approach to the assessment and treatment of patients with neurological conditions. This background makes Amy extremely adaptable when applying different treatment techniques successfully for individual patients and their individual needs.

Amy has always been highly committed to quality of treatment and standard of care and this is at the heart of her Practice, Neuro Rehab UK Ltd.

All members of the team are also highly trained and specialised in neurology and are carefully selected to work for the Practice on the basis of their skills and their dedication to patient care and service.
All share the Neuro Rehab UK commitment to improving the quality of life for our patients.

Improving quality of life is the ethos of the whole team and we all work very hard to ensure patients meet their full potential.

Unfortunately, patients who have suffered neurological problems are frequently discharged from the NHS before they have reached this potential, simply because the resources are no longer available for their rehabilitation to continue.

This means that people often do not achieve as much mobility, function, communication, coping strategies, swallowing and eating ability, improvement of state of mind, as they could do. These are just a few examples and by continuing their rehabilitation with Neuro Rehab UK Ltd, so many of these patients go on to achieve so much more and regain as much independence as possible. This gives them a much better quality of life.

This requires commitment and time from us as well as from the patients and we will provide treatment for as long as is beneficial.

We welcome any enquiries or referrals and are always happy to speak with people before a referral is made so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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