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"Neuro Rehab has provided neurophysiotherapy for me following a severe stroke in 2002 which left me with left side paralysis. It was obvious that I needed more specialist physiotherapy than was available via my local hospital after being discharged. From the outset Neuro Rehab established goals with me, tailor-made exercises to suit my individual rate of progress and improvement and started a process to continually gain a far wider range of movement than had been predicted by the hospital. It has been my great good fortune to have found specialist therapy from talented professionals which continues to produce improvement and confidence in my abilities".

Stephen Kelly

"Someone saw me limping (after a bout of Guillain - Barré Syndrome) and said Amy Rusby would be able to help - and they were right. She can analyse your gait at a glance, but with great technical expertise - I had no idea so much went into taking every step. She’s like a top horse-trainer assessing a thoroughbred’s chances from watching it stroll around the ring. And she is practical and sympathetic, down-to-earth and persistent about sorting out a solution. If you’re looking for a physiotherapist with an expertise in walking, you’ve no need to look further. I’ve found her worth every penny".

George Peacock

"I had a severe stroke in May 2012 which affected the right side of my body. When I first met the physiotherapist from Neuro Rehab UK Ltd in August 2013. I was not able to walk very well. She has been able to encourage me to try to maximise my potential to improve the quality of my walking.She has been very patient and focused me on building up my goals in a gradual way. The physiotherapist is always friendly, helpful and flexible with arranging appointments. I would highly recommend their approach to and understanding of how to help someone manage the issues after a stroke".

Neil Morton

"My father had a stroke in early 2014, after struggling with the after effects for 6-8 weeks, we were given a recommendation for NR UK Ltd. We can't praise them highly enough for the effect they have had, all the team have been incredibly supportive, and have made such a difference. From the care they have given my father to the awareness of family and financial constraints the service has been excellent, with them even liaising with my fathers GP and NHS stroke team, without hesitation we would recommend them to anyone".

Martin Smith

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